Yap's Industrial Limited was established in 1967 as a manufacturer of plastic-made products in Hong Kong. It has over thirty-five years of experience in the production of quality musical boxes.
In 1974, our company was proud to secure the supply of musical accessories from the renown Sankyo Shoji Co. Ltd. in Japan. As such, it began the manufacturing of musical related products including musical jewelry boxes, make-up mirrors and water balls. These products were predominately exported to the U.S.A. In 1980, our company set up its own design department. Since then, musical boxes have become the major product line of our company and its export markets have been extended to different parts of South America, various countries in Europe and South-east Asia.
In line with the expansion of the company's business over the past few years, the production lines have been broadened to include a large varieties of gift products such as photo frame, money bank, storage box etc..
Since its establishment, our company has always been renowned for its reliable and quality products with reasonable pricing. Up till now, our company is still the only local manufacturer which specialises in the production of quality musical boxes.